Handmade lettering


Logos han megad(Megadestroyer) No fonts had to give there lives in the making of this one. (Tombrow-Signo-Micron)



Highway Thru Hell

Hwy HellHad the privilage of working on some merchandise apparel design for the TV show ‘Highway thru Hell’ as seen on the Discovery Channel. I watched a good chunk of these seasons while designing this one, and I gotta say…These guys go through some serious stuff on that show, drama aside, every day looks insane to deal with doing what they do on the Coquihalla

Lucky & Cycles Texas

Had the pleasure of working with the guys from Lucky 7 a few weeks back, sorting out some lock up style typographic T shirts.


Triumph Chopper

69 Triumph Chopper Paintwork pre clear coat. Molded frame with some custom kandies and pearls with accent molding and pinstriping. Should be on the road this year